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Gettoworkout is a new full-body-team-workout. We don't need any gym equipment, we will just train with our own body weight. The course contains 30 exercises which will be combined in different ways. A professional instructor guides you through the workout. He explains all the exercises and does them with the group, he will also motivate you a lot.

The special thing about gettoworkout ist the team-aspect. It's not just an ordinary fitness-course, where everybody does his training all by himself, but a teamsport. Each part of the team will reach his limit, professional athletes as well as beginnerts. Our slogan is: We can do it togehter!“.

Please bring a yoga mat!

Meeting Point: Main entrance of the Uni Mensa


Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Tuesday 18:45 20:00 Lindenstr. 78 during lecture and lecture-free time