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Wheelchair Basketball

More than only basketball!

Wheelchair basketball was developed after the World War 2 in America. War wounded played basketball in wheelchairs to process their traumatic war memories. By playing they approached to sport, normal life and society. 

Nowadays wheelchair basketball is one of the fastest wheelchair sports on the world, which is played professionally in many countries. The German premier league matches up to international leagues.

The wheelchair basketball club “Köln 99er” plays successfully in all German leagues.


In this complex sport techniques of basketball fuse with wheelchair control. It offers a lot of fun with the ball and the wheelchair and is a welcome change even for non-disabled sportsmen.

Men and women, disabled and non-disabled play together in a team


If you are interested in running on wheels, shooting hoops and getting to know new people, come to our training! 

Please register before coming: sedat.oezbicerler@rbc-koeln99ers.de

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Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Friday 18:00 20:00 Georg Simon Ohm Schule during lecture and lecture-free time Landes-, Ober- und Regionallandesliga