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Volleyball is next to our fitness courses one of the most participated courses.

Please choose your course level for you and your team mates wisely. For your orientation we made some brief descriptions:

Beginners (A): this course is for those who want to learn the basic elements of volleyball. You will practice the basic techniques and tactics of the game by doing.

Active attendance is required.

Advanced beginners (FA):

Requirement of the course is the mastery of setting, bumping, attacking and blocking. Also, you have to know about and be able to realize the runner system. This will explicitly be taught and trained in the courses three and seven. Active attendance in these courses is required.

Advanced (F): this course is for advanced competitive players, who want to play in relaxed atmosphere a bit more volleyball.

Please note:

Our coaches hope for your help in building up and disassembling the net.

We have a homepage for news, too: http://www.volleyball.uni-koeln.de

IMPORTANT: We have a new online registration for our Volleyball courses to avoid waiting times. Please consider:

- your experience while chosing a course

- Be punctual to join the courses

- the registration opens 3 hours before the beginning of the course

- The registration is obligatory